CourseOS - Create, host, and sell your online course

Jayden Windle
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CourseOS is a fully-customizable, self-hosted online course platform.

  • Fully Customizable

    Whether you want to tweak your landing page or completely change the course experience, CourseOS is fully customizable. Full access to the underlying code lets you add features and modify existing ones to your heart's content.

  • No Extra Fees

    Pay once up front, and never worry about monthly fees, transaction charges, or losing access if you stop paying. Plus, because of how CourseOS is built, you can usually host your course for free!

  • Own Your Audience

    Your audience is your most valuable asset when building your course. CourseOS lets you easily manage, export, and communicate with your audience, without worrying about platform lock-in.

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CourseOS - Create, host, and sell your online course

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